About SQL DataTool

I have to work with lots of data as an analytics expert. Working with large ERP systems (like SAP and Oracle), some datasets surpassed the trillion records per table. Besides this, I have to combine multiple datasources from time to time.

One of the biggest challanges of performing analytics is to get the data from one side to another, sometimes even crossing the borders of companies. And in my profession, I really do not want to miss that one important record!

Most of the time, getting data out of a system or database is not at all that hard. However, getting data into a database that combines different datasources seemed way more challanging.

To get data into a database, without losing any data, I developed SQL DataTool. This made my life a whole lot easier. Importing data became faster, more reliable and less frustrating.

Since I believe getting data into a database should not be a hassle, I offer the tool I use to you. See for yourself. It might save you a lot of (recurring) frustrations, and enables you to focus on your value added work!

Kind regards,

The SQL DataTool Team

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