Connect to a database

To connect to a database, follow the following steps.

In the configuration, select the tab 'Select database'. This screen has several options.

Configuration - Select database

Previous connections

It is possible to select a database server and database using the dropdown boxes. These dropdown boxes contain the servers and databases used before. When the selection has been made, you can click on the button 'Connect database'.

On the main screen, the information in the statusbar switches from 'Not connected' to 'Connected', giving information on the server and database that is currently connected. The statusbar icon will also change from orange to green.

Status - not connected

The statusbar content will show the current connection status.

Status - connected

New connection

If no connection has been made before, you can manually enter the connection information. The selection in the dropdown 'Select database server' should be 'Select/New...'. The textboxes 'Database server' and 'Database' have to be filled manually. You can then push the button 'Connect database'. This time, the status bar on the main form will again show the connection details.

New database

When you want to create a new database on a server, fill the database server name in the textbox 'Database server'. Enter the name of the new database in the field 'Database' and click on 'Create database'. When you have authorization to create a new database on the server, the database will be created for you. SQL DataTool will automatically connect to this new database. When the database already exists, SQL DataTool will give a warning message and will connect to the existing database.

Remove connection

To remove an existing connection, select the database server and database, and click on the button 'Remove connection'. The database will not be in you favourites any more. You can still make a connection to the database manually.

Network servers

If you are not sure which database servers to connect to on your network, you can use the button 'Network servers'. This will try to search the available network servers that might contain useable database servers. The servers will be listed in the dropdown 'Select database server'.

Server authentication

As a default, the server authentication is not checked. When the Server authentication is not checked, you are logged in using the Windows credentials. This is the most secure way. If you have to login to the database with a separate username and password, you have to check the Server authentication checkbox. You will login with SQL Server authentication. You will be asked for your username and password each time you want SQL DataTool to login. This means every time you start SQL DataTool, or change the connection of the SQL DataTool. Your username and password will not be stored.


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