Add data model

To add a data model to SQL DataTool, first add a system and version.

On the Data model screen, enter a text in the system version, and then click on the add-icon.

Add data model

Do the same for the system version. SQL DataTool allows to add multiple versions of one system, so differences in systemversions can be handled.

When the system and version are added, the tables can be added to the datamodel. Write the tablename in the table field. Then add the following information regarding the table:

  • Field: the fieldname of the table. This is also the fieldname when the table gets created.
  • Type: the type of the field. This type is also used to validate information that is imported.
  • Length: the length of the field. Based on the Type, a length is applicable or not.
  • Precision: the precision (decimals) of the field. Based on the Type, a precision is applicable or not.
  • Keyfield: whether the field is part of the table primary key.
  • Position: the position (or order) of the fields.

Add data model details

When you click on the add button next to the Table field, the table gets saved.

Remove a data model

To remove a data model, just select the system and click on the delete button.

Delete data model

When you remove a System, all details of that system will also be removed. So all underlying versions and tables will be deleted. If you just want to remove a version of a system and the underlying tables, just click on the delete button next to the version.

When only one table has to be removed, select the table in the respective field and click on the delete button next to the Table field.


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