Correct error files

SQL DataTool enables errors in the source files to be solved afterwards. While importing text (txt) or comma separated files (csv), records with errors are stored in a separated error file.

The error file is a text-file with the same name as the imported file, but with the suffix '_error'. These error files are stored in the same location as the source file.

SQL DataTool does not stop importing when confronted with a record that would break a regular import.

Solving errors

During import, occurrences that would break a regular import are solved automatically (e.g. unexpected line breaks). Other error records are logged in the already mentioned error-file.

The error file contains the header row, and the records which contain errors. These errors can then be solved line by line. Most data errors are caused by a wrong number of column separators, or an unexpected field type (e.g. a date-formatted field that does not contain a date).

Appending the solved records

To append the data in the corrected error files, first change the suffix so it does not end with _error. Error files cannot be imported using SQL DataTool, because they have to be corrected first. When adding the revised records, make sure the 'Append data' checkbox is checked, so you won't lose the data that was already imported.

Text file append data


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